A perfect day off…

Hey fellas!

Lately my thoughts have been focused on mainly one thing: What content could I post? I want to post something that gives you inspiration and entertains you. BUT I also want some things that no one else has posted yet. And guys, let me tell you one thing – that’s not easy! But spending loads of weeks thinking… I finally found something, no one posted yet or at least, I haven’t seen it somewhere.

So here it is: My thoughts about a perfect day off (for me)

It starts with waking up without any alarm. I love sleeping till I wake up by myself. Sadly I have barely enough time to do so. But on my days off I always get up, when my body tells me, he’s ready for it. I am a person that loves to be in her dreamworld as long as possible, though I don’t like it, when I wake up and more than half of a day has passed already… So here’s my personal recommendation, I always use: Keep your roller blinds or curtains
open and you will wake up when the sun wants to wake you up. Plus, and I swear that’s true: No matter when you fell asleep, as long as the sun is the one to wake you up you’ll be a 100 percent well-rested!


When I got up I start with making myself a healthy breakfast, which in this case was an avocado bread roll sliced in two halfs, a mint tea with one slice of lemon in it and as an „dessert“ to start really powerful in the day I got with a small bowl of fruits. I LOVE FRUITS. (If you ever like to have some recipes from me, just tell me, I’ll do a blogpost on this as well 🙂

After warping this wonderful breakfast I start with my facial routine. You have to know, I had bad skin for ages till I stared with this kind of routine I have now. Because I had acne it’s still not a 100 percent clear but comparing it to my skin like four years ago it’s HEAVEN!

Now let me introduce you to my skin secret: Call me crazy, but before I do anything at my face, I use a germicide to make sure no dirt gets into my face when it’s the most vulnerable. When I wear makeup (what happens like 10 times a year… if.) I start off with a native coconut oil (also used for cooking) to take off all of my makeup. It works soooo great and moisturizes your skin. Then I move on to a peeling made of olive cores and oils. After that I go on with my organic green tea cleaning foam to make sure everything I have just peeled of is gone and my „new skin“ is clear. I finish my face routine with my organic green tea 24H care which is a moisturizer and also smells great!

Just a side note: All my skin care products are 100% vegan:)

Having finished all the rest from the bathroom I love going on my terrace or here on my Croatia holiday on the balcony and do a yoga session. I have just started with yoga, so please do not judge me for my bad posing… Hahah. I keep getting better from week to week.

As I have the pleasure to be at the sea right now, I then would go to the beach, on a perfect day off, and read a book. At the time it’s „Moscow at Midnight“ and I am at chapter 4. So I can’t really tell yet, if it’s a good story and what it’s actually all about. (But if you want a favorite booklist from me with recommendations, just tell me)

That day off I had a burger for lunch. Here you can see a picture and let me spoil you a little – there’s going to be another post relating to that burger;). Anyways I love to have yummy lunch or dinner on my days off!


To get away with the calories I have eaten, I go running for about half an hour. If the streets are extremely uphill like here in Croatia, I might do only 20-25 minutes of total cardio. But let me tell you – it’s way enough haha. Small tip in the side: ALWAYS STAY HYDRATED!!! I know, a lot of people always tell you that, but it’s really important!



After my sport session I get home and have a looooong and good hot shower. It’s the best! Coming out the shower I get into my pajama and fall in bed. I do a little bit of Netflix watching and then fall asleep. (At the moment my favorite series is ELEMENTARY.)

This was my perfect day off… If you like it, you can try it yourself and if you have other ideas – tell me them! I love to hear from you guys!


Loads of love on a chilled Sunday,

Becky ♡ 


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