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Dear Readers, So here it is. My first try to write in English. To be honest… This entry is something, I didn’t even know how to write in German. As you can tell by the headline, my topic today is nothing less then the most famous prison island existing. – ALCATRAZ. Last time I stopped with my… Read More ALCATRAZ

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Dearest readers…

Dearest readers, Before I start out with this blog entry, I want to apologize for my english, due to the fact, that I only take english lessons in school. But I live in Austria and my first language is German. Now that this is done, let me explain, why I haven’t been on line lately.… Read More Dearest readers…

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Man sieht es überall. Man riecht es in jeder Seitengasse. Nahezu jeder hat es. Doch keiner darf es haben. Marihuana. Und damit – Herzlich Willkommen in San Francisco! Zwar ist bis heute das Rauschgift in diesem Teil Amerikas verboten, jedoch unternimmt die Polizei schon lange nichts mehr dagegen. Für die Bob Marleys unter uns also das… Read More SAN FRANCISCO