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Do you know that feeling?

Hi guys!

So a quick update on how my finals are going: Just one more exam missing and I’m done till June. Sounds great, ha?

The reason why I write this post is a way different one. I don’t know if some of you know the feeling of wanting to get your life all together. A feeling that gets stronger the closer you are to becoming an adult. With the world changing so quickly nowadays and more and more people start to question their sense of life I felt really inspired lately to think about what I want to change as well. In my earliest posts I gave you a hint on some things (big things) that are coming for you. And this is one of them. I feel like 2019 is going to be MY YEAR. I am finally going to be able to open up my mind for way more things than I deal with on a daily basis because of school and my surroundings.

This year I want to change a lot. Not really about my character, since I am convinced that your personality should never be changed because it’s what defines you. But to change a lot about my way of living. I am going to list up a few of the pullet points I have also wrote down in my journal to give you some clue of what I am talking about. This is what I am trying to change/start in 2019:

  • doing sports (not for loosing weight, but for feeling healthier and better)
  • meditate
  • eat healthier (a process I am going to document for you and take you with me on this journey)
  • starting my day with a quote (quote of the day – I am going to explain more about this in the following paragraph)
  • trying to live as plastic free and environmentally friendly as any how possible

Since I started to think about changing my life to a more peaceful and stressless, but also a way healthier one I started to read a really good book about buddhism. And this book is, where (at least for now) I want to take my quotes of the day out. I try to adjust my life on the buddhism way of living. Not as a religion, but as a kind of lifestyle. A lifestyle directed by peace.

Let me tell you I feel really relieved to finally have told you about some of my plans. But I now also feel a little pressure to lance this because I told all thousands of you about my plans haha.

Love to read your messages by the way.

See you under my next post;)


Becky ♡



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