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First day of being VEGAN

Hey guys!

For those of you who know me in person this title must sound like the biggest joke in history. And I can blame you for that. Because not even me, myself thought it would ever be possible or even worth a thought for me to get vegan.

The reason why I do this is maybe quite a not so typical reason as you might expect. Of course its better for our animals AND better for our environment. But that are just really positive side effects on the ONE reason that convinced me to trick my inner devil and go for this diet. I want to get fitter, get in shape and loose a little bit of not needed weight. But to have an healthy diet and combine that with sports I had to change my whole eating habits 180 degrees and get vegan. A healthy lifestyle with meat and things like cheese in it would have simple made it impossible for me to stay off fast food. Therefore I decided to give it a try and live a vegan life from today until at least the end of June and then I’ll see what results I get talking about my body, my weight and my health.

I am very excited about that journey and even more excited to share it with you. I know there are going to be days that will be harder than others and I want to be a 100% honest with you. SO don’t blame me, if I fail sometimes. I am also just a human. And I try my best to reach my goals, even if this means, I need to fall five times to get up six.

Anyways, like my title tells, I started it off today and with it I also changed a lot about my way of buying food and bought 100% plastic free today (expect the humus, which you can for now, only get in plastic)… Also I made my first vegan lunch which consisted of vegan noodles with vegetables(mushrooms, zucchini and yellow pepper) and a mediterranean tomato sauce. IT WAS DELICIOUS!!!


In the evening I ate bread with humus and some cucumber and to be honest I failed at that point. Because my body was craving after meat I gave in and ate a little bit of sausage with it… I hated my actions after that. But you learn from your mistakes and you’ll get better, right? So let’s just hope the best for tomorrow ;).

What helped me a lot are big cans of raspberry juice with fresh fruits in it. It is healthy (the juice includes no sugar) and tastes like heaven! Also it is a way to stay hydrated through out the day for me, because I normally drink way too little portions a day.

I hope you liked this first insight of my journey in getting vegan and enjoyed my pictures. If you’d like to have the recipes let me know this in the comments. But I think I am going to post some vegan recipes in a view weeks in anyways, when I have enough to share with you…


’till next time… Stay strong and beautiful.

-Becky ♡



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