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Hey my beautiful fellas out there!

Since it’s been snowing lately literally constantly in my country and everyone around me, including myself, is kind of depressed because of the never ending winter time I have not been able to write about my summer experiences.

As you know me, I only upload content that I’m a 100% pleased with. So don’t think, I didn’t work on it. There are actually 5 drafts, that landed all in my trash in the end because it was not good enough for you guys.

SO I tried to take a few days off and then try it again. This led to the fact that my browser suggests burning series when I type in the name of my blog… No comment to that xD

Anyways I thought about topics I could write about all over the year and then a flash of genius came over me. I remembered about my FOOD TESTING format that I didn’t update in a long time. To cut a long story short: I went to lunch with my besties and here it is, FOOD TESTING number 2!

This time we visited a chinese kitchen in Eisenstadt (AUSTRIA). It’s called “Q-Mee” and is absolutely new in town. Though it has just opened a few weeks ago you never get a seat unless you book it. And that’s what we did. Unfortunately we had a few problems at the beginning.

I phoned them the day before and told them I want a table between 12 and 12:30. When we came there at 12 am there has yet not been a table for us. Likely they managed it to give us another table 15 minutes later. But still we were kind of pissed because we also had less time for lunch.

One thing more I want to criticize is, that there is a different menu for lunch and dinner. This means you only get sushi and Co for dinner… Which was kind of frustrating.

But he… We found other stuff to eat in the card and so I ordered a miso soup and some noodles with vegetables and salmon. Honestly it’s been a pleasure to eat that! I loved it so much! I haven’t had my tongue tasted something so good in a really long time. Plus the price was pretty okay. I wouldn’t call it expensive. But let the pictures speak:

So if you love chinese food you should totally visit it! I will link you their website here. And if you are more the sushi-tipe you should go there for dinner.

I hope you liked it and I tried to keep it as short a possible…

Till my next upload: Stay fresh and calm!

Yours Becky ♡




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