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FOOD TESTING – Croatia edition

Hey Fellas!

Since I’ve been really active lately, also you guys show a lot of action again. And that’s something I wanna thank you a lot for! I don’t take this for grandet at all… When I started with this blog I wrote for maybe 6-7 people and these were my family and friends haha. So everytime I take a look at the stats and see one wonderful person joined our community I am so happy and thankful about that!

But now I should start with the actual blogpost haha:
I was on vacation in Croatia on a little island called “Trogir”. It’s beautiful and since I know it’s also very touristic I thought it might be a good idea to do a new episode of FOOD TESTING. This time a croatia edition:) Here it is:


One day we drove with the boat from “Okruk” where we lived into the centre of Trogir. We say on TripAdvisor that the BUBALUS burgerbar was number one all over the place. So we decided to get some buuuurger!

Easier said than done. We used google maps and in took us for about 20 minutes to get there because the centre is made up of small alleys…
When we got there I fell in love with the place at first sight. The chairs outside where like the seekthrough ones you know from instagram and they had made there own tables (out of wood). Also the decoration like glass bottles stucked together or the black board with funny words on it seemed really “tumblr”.
Then, I of course ordered a burger with sweet fries and a coke while my mum went for a salat and a water (good girl you are haha).

It all looked soooo good and was served in nice and “creative” ways… The only thing I have to warn you from or the thing I did not like that much about it was the patty of the burger…

If some of you already been to Croatia they probably know that their typical food consists out of mostly grilled meat like Cevapcici,…. And so did the patty taste too… I know there are loads of people who love it that way, just me myself in personal, I don’t like that taste. But still I ate the whole burger because all the other taste sources where just too good to let it be.

This was a new episode of FOOD TESTING. I hope you liked it! Text me your opinion 😉

-Becky ♡


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