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PARIS, with my bestie

Hey fellas!

As you might have already mentioned it’s Monday again and heres a blogpost again. Any reason for this? OH YES! I know I haven’t been that active on my blog in the last year. Especially I had no routine, when to upload stuff and what to upload…

That’s why I want my summer goal to be a routined uploaded blog. I try to post every single Monday within the next 8 weeks. I have so many ideas and cool stuff for you guys! So feel the hype and visit my blog every Monday from now on 😉

But let’s come back to this blogpost. I have been keeping this video for nearly a year now and that was because I never knew, when there would be the perfect time to show it to you guys…

But lately I „fell over“ it again and watched it after a really long time. And that was the moment when I knew it’s finally time to share it with you. Last august I visited Paris with my bestie Flora and we did 3 days of sightseeing, shopping and having fun there. We also met new people and got close to the french culture (talking about red wine and cheese in front of the eiffel tower haha).

This video is not only an insight to our trip to Paris, it’s also a video that describes our friendship more than words can say. I edited it in a vintage kind of style because this is what I relate to Paris… 

Go and enjoy it (please ignore our weirdness) AND if you want tipps or a diary about a trip to Paris leave a heart in the comments below.




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