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short life update

Hi guys!

As I promised, I am going to be more active again. One thing I’d like to change is, to keep my posts shorter but therefore more frequently. Let’s try this out and let me know what you think about that!


Also I have promised you that big things are coming soon and that is still a matter of fact. But ’till I can share those with you, I need to keep you updated on a weekly basis or somehow like that. So it’s one week ahead until my finals start, which means I am in full stress between studying, working and trying to have something that is called a social life as well xD.

Works out quite well right know, although I am slightly nervous thinking about my finals, as they are a really big step ahead into a new chapter of life. A new chapter that I am beyond excited to start exploring.

Maybe somewhen this week I can tell you a little more detailed about my daily routine in my studying periods, so maybe it helps or motivates some of you guys out there, who are in a similar situation.

Now let’s keep this post shorter haha. Would love to read from you in the comments or in my mails as usual.

Till the next time… LOVE,

Becky ♡


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