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Wind of Change

Hi guys!

Yes it’s true. I’m still active. Though you haven’t heard from me in months, which I am really honestly sorry for. Just as sorry as I am for this very nostalgic title xD.

Anyways – for those of you who don’t know: I am right about graduating school this summer and that’s why I am really busy and I need my full concentration on school. You know, education first – fun later. Though I wouldn’t say that education can’t be fun. However. I thought a lot about my blog and if it still makes sense to keep it, my baby, my project. But you guys convinced me once again. I just looked up my current followers, when I got completely surprised by how many of you subscribed this blog even just this month! It’s continuously increasing and simply doesn’t stop! That gave me the strength and will to move my ass and make up plans. I can’t talk about it all yet. But I can promise you, a lot of exciting stuff is in front of me. In front of us. For now, I just wanted to let you know, that I am still here and after school I hope I can finally do this thing here permanently. I hope. I want. I will.

Just keep staying excited like I do!

Lots of Love,



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